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We grow a true multiplying onion which multiplies by bulb division only.

Multiplying Onions

Our original onions came from a friend who worked with my father many years ago. That friendís mother was a Cajun from Louisiana and she had inherited her onions from her mother, and her motherís mother, and HER motherís mother, etc. In short, they are very old and are excellent in taste and vigor.

How to Plant Onions
These onions are referred to as multiplying onions or potato onions. No, they are NOT Egyptian walking onions! They form no seed. They form bulbs underground, and here in Texas they are dug and stored until August or September in a dry shade until they are replanted in August or September. Each bulb planted produces many green stalks, which are harvested as green onions. If stalks are left until they are brown and dry, the bulbs may be harvested for the next yearís crop, to be replanted. These bulbs can also be used in stews and stir fried dishes. (Click here for recipe) Here in the south, they are grown to be used in cornbread dressing, and also served fresh on salad plates. My wife likes to cut the flower stalks in the early spring, and use the large white round flower in floral arrangements, or simply in a bunch by themselves. These flower stalks do not form seeds. The bulbs may be planted in rows about 4 to 6 inches apart, root end down, and the top of the bulb flush with the surface of the soil. Push them into the soil or use onion-leek planting stick. Fertilize by preparing the soil before planting with cotton seed meal. Water about once a week and when the green stalks emerge and divide several times, they are ready for harvest.
My new book, Growing Multiplying Onions, will be out in 2017.

Multiplying Onions

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The multiplying onions are sold out until May 2017. Happy gardening.

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Crop Failure for 2016
If you need onions, send me your email, phone or home address so that I can contact you when the 2017 crop is ready. Do not send any prepayments!!